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It’s important to be aware of the top causes of pipe damage so that you can take preventative measures and avoid costly repairs. In this blog post, the expert in pipe repair in Burleson, TX, Rockwater Plumbing, will discuss some of the most common causes of pipe damage. If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to know what to look for so that you can address any issues before they become bigger problems.

One of the most common causes of pipe damage is tree roots. As trees grow, their roots can spread and wrap around pipes, causing them to crack or break. This is especially common in older homes with shallower pipe systems. If you have trees on your property, it’s important to have them regularly checked by a professional provider of pipe repair in Burleson, TX so that any issues can be addressed before they cause serious damage.

Another common cause of pipe damage is corrosion. Over time, pipes can corrode from the inside out, causing them to weaken and eventually break. This is often caused by water with a high mineral content or acidic water. If you live in an area with hard water, it’s important to have your pipes checked regularly so that any corrosion can be addressed before it causes serious damage.

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