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A septic tank treats and disposes of wastewater for many homes. However, finding it can be a challenging task, especially if you’re a new homeowner. There are some easy ways to locate it that you can try. But if all else fails, a plumber in Burleson, TX, can help you.

Check the Property Records

One of the simplest ways to find your septic tank’s location is to check Burleson plumbing property records. County or municipal records often include information about the septic system’s installation date and location. Contact your local government office or visit their website to access this information.

Look for Visual Clues

Visual clues can be a helpful indicator for you and your Burleson plumbers. Search for any depressions or mounds in your yard. A septic tank’s location often results in slight elevation or depression in the soil. Also, patches of lush grass or unusual plant growth can show increased nutrient content from the septic system.

Follow the Plumbing Lines

The plumbing lines in your home connect to the septic tank. Start by locating your home’s main cleanout or sewer line access. This is often in the basement or crawlspace. Follow the path of the plumbing lines toward the yard, closer to the septic tank, when it’s time for inspection and plumbing repairs.

Use a Metal Detector

Metal detectors can help you find buried septic tank lids if you can’t find a plumber near me. Most septic tank lids are metal, and a metal detector can pick up their signal. Sweep the area where you suspect the tank is, and you should hear a distinct signal when you pass over the lid.

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